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Beef Bone Broth Diet Plan: 14 meals + 4 litres of Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth.  Contains 1 week worth of food & broth. 

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In this version, you provide your own breakfast for Monday Morning and we provide the breakfasts, lunches and dinners plus the broth you will need for the rest of the week.  The recommended minimum time to do the program is 3 weeks but you are not obligated to do any more than one week and if you still have weight to lose you can participate for additional weeks.  You can also join into the diet at any time. Just remember to order before the deadline (at the top of the page).

How it works:

Each week, you need to order the plan if you want to participate for the following week You can participate as many weeks as you would like. 3 weeks is the recommended minimum but you are under no obligations.  You can also start at any time as the program is the same each week (although the meals change). Orders need to be placed by 4pm on Friday to be delivered on Monday.  We may have to limit the number of participants to keep up with the broth as we small batch cook the broth and are restricted to how much we can make in any given week.

Our Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth Diet meal plan comes with 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 5 dinners plus 4 litres of beef bone broth.  Some of the meals will be from our regular menu but some will be custom to meet the ideal portion sizes and requirements for this program.   You will only need to provide the breakfast for the Monday morning.  No additional meals are required.  The plan contains everything else you will eat for the week.   

The meals in this plan will all be dairy free and will contain no added sugars.  And, like all our meals, they will also be soy free, legume free, preservative free, grain free and made exclusively with real food ingredients.

Please let us know about any allergies or food preferences and we will try to accommodate. 

About the Bone Broth Diet:

The Bone Broth Diet was made popular by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci - Buy her bone broth book on Amazon.  The book will give you more insight into the science of the diet as well as tips and tricks for making it through the 21 day plan.  There are also broth recipes and other healthy recipes - some of which we will include in our 3 week meal plan.  You don't need to buy the book to participate in the program as our version will come with all the food, broth and instructions you need.

The basic premise of the bone broth diet is that you combine strict paleo eating with intermittent fasting for a total of 21 days.  On the fasting days, you drink only bone broth (which is filled with nutrients as well as with protein and fat). Between 5 and 8 cups are consumed on the fasting days.  You also drink 1 to 3 cups of bone broth on your 5 regular eating days.  

For this plan, you provide your first breakfast for Monday (we will send you suggestions) and then we provide the lunch, dinner and broth for that day.  We have selected Wednesdays and Sundays as the bone broth fasting days however, you can choose any 2 days you want.   You must separate the fasting days by at least 1 day as it is not recommended to fast 2 days in a row.  We will be posting tips on our social media accounts on how to get through the fasting days, etc.

We provide enough broth to meet the minimium requirements which allows you to consume 1 cup on your 5 eating days and 5 cups on your fasting days.  This may not be enough for you - so you can always order more broth or make your own (up to 4 more litres are allowed per week).  Note: Don't use store bought broth /stock for this diet as most are too weak and will contain sugars, and other unhealthy options that are not allowed on this diet and will not be effective for this diet.

Note: Ordering this package does not sign you up for the 3 week meal plan.  This is a one time purchase that contains one week's worth of meals & broth and will be delivered on our next delivery date.  

NOTE:  Adding this product to the cart, automatically discounts the price to $215.04 via our buy more, save more program.


Meal Compliance
Strict Paleo
Clean Eating / Eat Clean
Gluten Free ☑ - note: kitchen is not 100% gluten free
Whole Life Challenge
Dairy Free
Soy Free
Refined Sugar Free
100% Sugar Free (incl honey, etc)
Legume Free
Grain Free
Meals under 500 Calories

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Beef Bone Broth Diet Plan

Beef Bone Broth Diet Plan: 14 meals + 4 litres of Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth.  Contains 1 week worth of food & broth. 

NOTE:  Adding this product to the cart, automatically discounts the price by 15% to $215.04 via our buy more, save more program.

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