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Eat Savage Healthy Paleo Meal Delivery

Our Food

As part of our Paleo meal delivery service, we offer freshly made, healthy and nutritious meals, snacks & wholesome desserts.  All of our food is made from scratch in our (health department certified) commercial kitchen.  We use only the freshest of ingredients with no preservatives, artificial colours, soy or gluten, etc.  We are committed to using the best quality ingredients.  Some of our meals are made with Grass Fed Ground Beef that is sourced from a Local, Ontario Farmer.  We also feature meals that are made with Durham Region, Farm Fresh, Organic, Cage Free Chickens.  We always follow a clean eating principle when designing our menu items with most of our meals focussed on getting back to eating the way nature intended... the way our caveman ancestors did!

We provide full ingredient lists for all our meals so that our paleo meal program can work for you.  Not all of our meals are 100% Paleo and some contain dairy & potatoes.  We categorize our meals into different eating plans to make it easy for you to select a meal that meets your goals.   So whether you are joining the real food movement, eating paleo, primal or following the caveman diet, clean eating diet or participating in the Wholelife Challenge or Whole30 program, or even if you are following a gluten free or sugar free or sugar detox diet - you will find options that not only meet your needs - but are also healthy and nutritious.  And the best part.... it doesn't taste like "diet" food.  We also run our very popular Bone Broth Diet Program which provides the easiest way to follow Dr. Kellyanne's "Bone Broth Diet" weightloss program as we provide the portion controlled meals, the menu and the broth you need for the week.

Whichever program you choose... our meals are delicious... if we do say so ourselves!  :)

Our food for our meal delivery program is made fresh on Sundays for delivery on Monday mornings.  Most meals have a shelf life of 5 to 6 days but taste best if eaten or frozen (if applicable) within 3 or 4 days.  The best way to do it is when you pick up your meals on Monday, decide how you will eat them throughout the week - anything not being eaten on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday can easily be frozen (if applicable) and defrosted prior to re-heating.

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If you are going to order delivery to one of our Authorized Free Pick Up Locations, you may simply place your order for your paleo and eat clean meals online using our secure online system.  Simply find an item you like and click add to cart.  You will be able to preview your cart before checkout.  All payments are processed through paypal.  We do not have access to your credit card or banking information.  You do not have to be a member of Paypal in order to checkout.   You will select the pick up location during checkout.

Our healthy, ready to eat meals are delivered weekly (on Mondays) throughout Durham Region as well as to various locations across Toronto and the GTA.  All orders must be placed in advance for delivery on Mondays as we have to order our fresh produce, etc.  The cut off time for the Monday delivery is the previous Friday (3 days before).  We cut off orders for the upcoming delivery at 4pm on Fridays - this is sometimes extended however the next delivery date of our Paleo Meal Delivery is always visible at the top of the page.  Any order placed after the cut off, will be delivered on the following delivery unless otherwise arranged.

NOTE: We are closed all Long Weekends and Between Christmas and New Years every year so no deliveries take place during those weeks.  This will be noted on the top of the website.

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We offer pricing discounts for those clients that are using our meal service for 1 to 2 meals per day each week.  The discount is applied automatically - no voucher code is necissary.

10% on orders over $50 and 15% on orders over $100.

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Delivery & Meal Pickup

We offer both delivery & meal pickup.  You have the option of having your meals delivered to one of our Pickup Locations or you can opt for our Direct Home / Office Meal Delivery.  Delivery fees for the direct delivery vary between $5 & $14.   You do not have to be a member of the pick up location in order to pick up food there. NOTE: Each location has different pick up times. You will receive an email once your order arrives at a pickup location.  Your order will be stored in the refrigerator or in iced cooler bags but as space is always limited, you are asked to arrange for pickup as soon as you receive notice of delivery.  We aim to arrive before 4pm on Mondays.  In the case of home/office delivery, you will receive an email once our driver is close or has dropped off your meals.  Delivery will vary between 9am & 4pm depending on how many deliveries are scheduled for that day.  

Current Delivery Locations for Eat Savage's GTA Paleo Meal Delivery

Delivery to Home / Office in Toronto & most of the GTA:  direct home and office delivery is available.  See our delivery zone map for details and delivery fees.

Free Delivery to our Pick Up Locations:  We offer pickup at our kitchen and to a partner location in Markham (PMA Brethour). Details: delivery locations page.

If you are interested in becoming a delivery location: contact us to learn more about our affiliate program.

Other Locations for Delivery:  We can accomodate catering orders or large custom delivery locations.  Please call us at 1-855-833-3243 to discuss.

Re-heating & Freezing

We use microwavable friendly containers (including our new compostable/biodegrable containers) for our meals so that they can be easily re-heated.  For some meals, you can also opt to take them out of the containers and re-heat your meal in a pot/pan on the stove.  Times for re-heating vary based on microwave ovens - we recommend that you re-heat your meals on half power for a few minutes - be sure to test after a couple minutes to stir and check on the meal so as not to overcook.  Note: The dressing & sauce containers are not microwave safe and so we recommend pouring the sauces on the meal during the last 30 seconds.

Many of our meals are also freezer friendly.  To defrost, simply let thaw in the refrigerator overnight.

Our salad dressings are made with the highest quality olive oil and will sometimes solidify in the refrigerator.  Simply let the dressing come to room temperature for a few minutes before use.

Eat Savage offers Paleo Meal Delivery in Durham Region, Toronto & GTA

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    Eat Savage meals are made from scratch using real food ingredients.  They are delivered fresh and are ready to eat or to simply heat and eat.

    All meals are free from wheat, grains, gluten, soy, preservatives, artificial ingredients and refined sugar making them perfect for a lot of eating lifestyles including: paleo, keto, primal, eat clean, 21DSD, IIFYM, etc

    Bone Broth Diet Plan: Currently running

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    How it works!

    Eat Savage delivers weekly on Mondays.  Ordering is simple.

    • Choose your meals from our online menu
    • Choose Delivery or Pick Up Locations
    • Keep Food refrigerated until you are ready to eat


    Delivery Options

    In addition to picking up at our Downtown Oshawa kitchen, we have a free pickup location in Markham. We also offer home/office direct delivery from $5 to $14

    About Eat Savage

    Founded in 2013 - Eat Savage prepares all our meals and bone broths in our health inspected, commercial kitchen in downtown Oshawa.

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