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 Our Meal Delivery Services
1. Where & when do you deliver your meals?
  • - We are based in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • - Delivery of our meals and broth is available to most homes & offices in Durham Region as well as in Toronto & parts of the GTA.  See our delivery location map for more details on Durham Region and for Toronto & GTA 
  • - Delivery of Meals and broth occurs on Mondays (closed all long weekends).  The date for the next delivery is always at the top of the page along with the order deadline!

2. I don't see my address on the delivery location map. Do you deliver to [insert your address here] location?
  • - The short answer is probably!  We can (and do) deliver to most of the GTA.  Delivery fees vary.  We also have a free delivery pick up location in Markham in addition to our Oshawa kitchen location that you can pick up your meals at.  There are no delivery fees if you choose to pick up at a free pick up location.
  • - Call us at 1-855-833-3243 or email us huntgatherdevour@eatsavage.ca to inquire about your specific location or view our delivery locations here.

3. How do I get started?
  • - Getting started is simple.
  • - If you want to have your meals delivered to one of our free pick up locations, then simply place your order online and select that location at checkout.
  • - If you want home or office delivery in the GTA, select your zone at checkout.  Zones are as follows:
  • Zone A - Oshawa & Whitby
  • Zone B - Ajax, Brooklin & Courtice
  • Zone C - Bowmanville, Clarington & Pickering
  • Zone D - Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill & Vaughan
  • Zone E - Mississauga
  • - If you want broth shipped via Canada Post, simply call or email us to get your order entered into the system.
  • - NOTE: We don't require you to have a consultation with us prior to purchasing - although you are more than welcome to call us and chat! 
  • 1-855-833-3243

4. I am looking for healthy meals for my elderly parent? Are Eat Savage meals for me?
  • - Yes of course.  Seniors (and those that can't or don't want to cook for themselves) love having our ready to eat meals delivered to them.  And as a caregiver, you can rest easier knowing that you are providing healthy, nutricious meals to your loved one.
  • - Some seniors may find our meals too large for one serving and often split the meals into 2 servings.


 Our Foods
5. Do you use organic meats?

At Eat Savage we use high quality meats.  Below is a breakdown.

  • ♦ Our Chicken Breasts are Ontario Grown, Mennonite Raised, Free Range, Growth Hormone and Antibiotic Free
  • ♦ Our Chicken Thighs, Legs and our Ground Chicken are all Durham Region Grown and are Cage Free, Organically Fed & Growth Hormone, Steroid and Antibiotic Free

NOTE: All broiler chickens (aka those raised for meat) in both Canada and the US must be steroid free.  They must also be free from added hormones.  In addition, all broiler Chickens that are raised on either Canadian or US Farms must be at a minimum Free Run aka raised Cage Free in barns with specific requirements including the ablilty for the chickens to move around and spread their wings. It's the law!  Broiler Chickens are NOT ever living in cages. 

On the contrary, egg laying hens can be legally raised in cages with less room to move and so cage free, free run or free range eggs are important to purchase. Spent Fowl is a term for battery chickens that can no longer lay eggs. This type of meat can be imported into Canada. We do not use imported chicken, battery chickens or spent fowl.

  • BEEF:
  • ♦ Our Ground Beef is Ontario, Outdoor Pasture Raised, Grass Fed / Grass Finished, Growth Hormone, Antibiotic Free & Drug Free. It's also Dry Aged.
  • ♦ Our Steak is Conventionally Canadian Grown unless specified as Grass Fed
  • ♦ Our Roasts are Ontario, Outdoor Pasture Raised, Grass Fed / Grass Finished, Growth Hormone, Antibiotic Free & Drug Free. It's also Dry Aged.

  • PORK:
  • ♦ Our Pork Shoulder is Ontario Raised, Growth Hormone and Antibiotic Free
  • ♦ Our Sausages are made from Pasture Raised, Ontario, Heritage Breed Pork with no fillers or nitrates.  They are also Growth Hormone, Steriod and Antibiotic Free. 
  • ♦ Our Bacon is Naturally Cured with Celery Salt instead of Nitrates

  • FISH:
  • ♦ Our Mahi Mahi is Wild Caught
  • ♦ Our Salmon is Wild Caught

  • EGGS:
  • ♦ Our Breakfast Egg Items are made using Durham Region, Cage Free, Organically Fed Chicken Eggs that are also Growth Hormone, Steroid and Antibiotic Free

6. I don't follow a paleo diet. Are your meals still for me?
  • - You don't need to follow a paleo diet in order to benefit from our healthy and nutritious meals.
  • - Our meals are naturally gluten free, soy free, refined sugar free & preservative free.  They are suitable for many healthy eating plans / lifestyles.

7. Are your meals freezable?
  • - Yes. Lots of our meals are freezer friendly.  Here is a link to the majority of our paleo freezable meals.

8. How should I store the bone broth?

When we deliver the bone broth it is shelf stable which means that it doesn't require refrigeration until it is opened.  It has been pressure canned and the contents are now under vaccuum.  If you freeze the jars like this, they will break!!  Don't do it!  It's not neccisary.  

After you open the jar, you should finish it within the week.  It must be refrigerated after opening.  If you can't finish it within the week, feel free to freeze the remainder in ice cube trays and store in zip lock bags in the freezer.

9. What is the best way to reheat the meals?
  • - You can reheat in a frying pan on the stove
  • - If using a microwave, the best way is to reheat is on the "reheat" setting on your microwave or at 50% power for 3 or 4 minutes. You may place the lid loosly on top of the container for the best reheat as that keeps the moisture in.
  • - Full power microwave re-heating is not recommended

 Our Kitchen
10. Where are your meals cooked?

We operate out of a health inspected, licenced and insured commercial kitchen in Downtown Oshawa.  We can send you a picture of our Dine Safe Pass any time - we post it on our social media accounts from time to time also.  We always have a certified food handler onsite any time that the kitchen is making or prepping food.

 Gift Certificates
11. Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Yes you can purchase gift certificates.  Please call (1-855-833-3243) or email us to order.

 GTA Commercial Kitchen Rental
12. I don't have a food handler's certificate. Can I still rent the kitchen?
  • - Maybe.  You do not personally have to have a food handlers certificate however, someone with a food handlers certificate MUST be present during your rental.  You may hire this person. 
  • - The Health Department requires that you have someone with a food handlers certificate on site at all times.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

13. Where can I find more information on renting the kitchen?
  • All of our information can be found here.  Download the pdf on that page to get specific pricing, etc.

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    All meals are free from wheat, grains, gluten, soy, preservatives, artificial ingredients and refined sugar making them perfect for a lot of eating lifestyles including: paleo, keto, primal, eat clean, 21DSD, IIFYM, etc

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    How it works!

    Eat Savage delivers weekly on Mondays.  Ordering is simple.

    • Choose your meals from our online menu
    • Choose Delivery or Pick Up Locations
    • Keep Food refrigerated until you are ready to eat


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    In addition to picking up at our Downtown Oshawa kitchen, we have a free pickup location in Markham. We also offer home/office direct delivery from $5 to $14

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    Founded in 2013 - Eat Savage prepares all our meals and bone broths in our health inspected, commercial kitchen in downtown Oshawa.

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