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Our Philosophy:

Here at Eat Savage, our philosophy is simple - we believe in eating real foods!  We don't eat processed foods or chemicals and don't believe you should either.   The owners of Eat Savage mainly follow a paleo/eat clean diet - 80% paleo/20% clean which is reflected in the Eat Savage Menu. 

The Paleo diet (sometimes referred to as the Caveman Diet) is based on the eating patterns of our ancestors.  Back in Paleolithic times, the Caveman were either Hunter or Gatherers.  At Eat Savage - we fully embrace that Hunter / Gatherer mentality except we do all the caveman work for you so that your Hunting and Gathering simply involves you hunting our website for a delicious meal and then gathering it at one of our participating delivery locations or at your home or office.   It couldn't be easier or more delicious!  Eat Savage.  Hunt.  Gather.  Devour.

Our Ingredients:

We ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are in our meals, treats & grocery items we carry.  We never use any items that are processed, contain soy or artificial flavours, etc.   We use local and organic whenever possible.  Even our recyclable, microwavable containers that we serve most of our meals in are made at a factory in Markham, Ontario that we buy directly from.  In our meals containing grass fed beef, we buy that beef direct from local Ontario Farmers.  Our organic chicken meals are made with Farm Fresh Durham Region Chicken. 

We also disclose our full ingredients lists so you know exactly what is in each meal or grocery item you are buying.

While not all of our meals are strict paleo - all of our meals are:

☑ Soy Free, ☑ Refined Sugar Free, ☑ Grain Free, ☑ Artificial Colour Free & ☑ Preservative Free

We have 2 levels of Chicken:  Organic | Mennonite Raised (Hormone, Antibiotic Free) 

We have 2 levels of Beef: Grass Fed / Grass Finished (Hormone, Antibiotic Free) |  Conventionally Raised - Canadian Farm

We have 3 levels of Pork: Pasture Raised (Hormone, Antibiotic Free)  | Mennonite Raised (Hormone, Antibiotic Free)  |  Bacon: Conventionally Raised with No Added Nitrates

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