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Chef's Choice

Introducing Chef's Choice.  With Chef's Choice, our Paleo Chef team will choose meals for you (taking into account any allergies or preferences you let us know about).  This saves you time from searching through our menu to determine what meals you would like.  Our Buy More, Save More discounts still apply and are already included in the prices shown. 

Chef's Choice is available as an a la carte option from our menu OR by signing up for an ongoing weekly subscription. 

To order chef's choice as a one time purchase, please order from our menu

To sign up for a weekly subscription plan, please do so below.

Paleo Meal Plan Subscription

If you choose this meal plan option, you will be signing up for an automated subscription plan of weekly delivery of healthy paleo meals.  Many people find this plan convenient because then they don't have to remember to order every week or spend time selecting meals.

We have 3 plans to choose from... both the 5 & 10 meal packages feature lunch/dinner items.  The standard 15 meal package also includes 5 breakfast items unless you select the option that specifically excludes breakfasts. 

Eat Savage will choose which meals to make for you.  Most of these meals will be from our regular paleo menu however sometimes, we will create a special, seasonal item to feature in this program.  Again, this program is perfect for those people that don't want to think about what to order or don't want to remember to place their order every week. 

The plan is available for pick up at one of our free pickup locations or you can opt for Home or Office Delivery in any one of our Zones (A to E). 

Please call us toll free at 1-855-833-3243 if you have any questions about which Delivery Zone to select. 

Note:  if choosing a zone plan, paypal will ask you for your delivery address.

Sign up for our Paleo Chef's Choice Meal Plan:

Please select the number of meals you want from the drop down list under the Zone you fall into.  For the pickup location option, please select the location from the list.  Please also indicate any allergies or any food preferences i.e no cheese or fish so that our paleo chef team can properly select meals for you.

Note: You must sign up before Friday at 4pm in order for your subscription to begin the following Monday.

You can cancel anytime, however please note that this subscription plan will continue until you cancel it. 

All plans are billed weekly.  Prices below include HST, delivery (if choosing Zone A to E) & any "buy more, save more" discounts that may be applicable.

Free Pick Up Location
Select location below

Pick Up Location
Notes / Allergies + phone number:

Zone A Delivery
Oshawa & Whitby

Notes / Allergies + phone number:

Zone B Delivery
Ajax, Brooklin & Courtice

Notes / Allergies + phone number:

Zone C Delivery
Bowmanville, Clarington & Pickering

Notes / Allergies + phone number:

Zone D Delivery
Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill & Vaughan

Notes / Allergies + phone number:

Zone E Delivery

Notes / Allergies + phone number:

If you want to unsubscribe from any of our plans, you can do so by clicking the link below.

Use the form below for 2 People paying on same card,
getting delivery to same pick up location!

Number of Meals per Week
Pick Up Location
Phone #
Notes / Allergies

Use the form below for 15 lunch / dinner meals. No Breakfasts.

Chef's Choice 15 - no breakfasts
Pick Up Location
Phone #
Allergies / Comments

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    How it works!

    Eat Savage delivers weekly on Mondays.  Ordering is simple.

    • Choose your meals from our online menu
    • Choose Delivery or Pick Up Locations
    • Keep Food refrigerated until you are ready to eat


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    In addition to picking up at our Downtown Oshawa kitchen, we have a free pickup location in Markham. We also offer home/office direct delivery from $5 to $14

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    Founded in 2013 - Eat Savage prepares all our meals and bone broths in our health inspected, commercial kitchen in downtown Oshawa.

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